Safe and Efficient Process for industrial synthesis of DRINABANT®
Anthony Bigot

Dr Antony Bigot holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from The Orsay University (France), having conduct his research on total synthesis of biaryl-ether containing natural products (RAVII and Deoxybouvardin) in Jieping Zhu’s laboratory at ICSN in Gif-Sur-Yvette. He was actually the first Jieping’s student. After a post-doctoral position at The Scripps Research Institute  in San Diego with Pr K.C. Nicolaou, working on Epothilone and Diazonamide total synthesis, he joined Sanofi (at that time Rhône-Poulenc Rorer) in 1999 on Vitry-Sur-Seine site as a Medicinal Chemist. He then successively hold different positions in Medicinal Chemistry (1999-2004), then in Chemical Process Development (2004-2016) where it’s first task was to develop a new synthesis of Drinabant, followed by the design of SMART synthesis of small-molecules, including cytotoxic payloads and linkers to be used in ADCs. Since July 2016, he his Head of Pre-Development Science Synthetic Chemistry France, focusing on speeding-up the development phase of small-molecule by following a right-first-time approach. Hobbies are playing drums, retro-synthetic analysis, listening to music, cooking and reading.



The development of a chemical synthesis that will ultimately be used for the commercial production of a drug is a long process, with a lot of hurdles and regulatory constraints that may not be familiar to most of the research chemistry community. In this talk, I will use the synthesis of Drinabant as an example in order to show how to tackle the different constraints (environmental, hygyène, safety, regulatory, etc) in order to propose a synthetic route that could be used for commercial production




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