Conference: From Interlocking and Knotted Rings to Molecular Machines
Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage

Sauvage has been a CNRS researcher and a University professor (Strasbourg). He worked with very talented PhD students, postdocs and permanent researchers of professors. Since the beginning of the 80s, Sauvage and his group have been interested in various fields including:

  • coordination photochemistry and solar energy conversion,
  • CO2electrocatalytic reduction,
  • chemical topology : catenanes, knots and rotaxanes,
  • multifunctional ruthenium and iridium complexes for light-induced charge separation,
  • multifunctional porphyrins as models of the photosynthetic reaction centre as well as
  • molecular switches and molecular machines such as a “swinging catenane”, “muscles”, “shuttles” or “compressors ».


Sauvage received a relatively large number of French and international awards including the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


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