Conference: The sweet tooth of pathogens: therapeutical targets and research tools

Course and current status

Starting 2016: Director of Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules Végétales (UPR5301) CERMAV-CNRS, Grenoble
2013- 2015: Deputy Director of the Chemistry Department CNRS Paris
1999- present: Senior Research Scientist, CNRS Grenoble, France
1999-2015: Head of the group of « Molecular Glycobiology » CERMAV-CNRS
1996-1999: Research Scientist, CERMAV-CNRS
1991-1996: Research Scientist, CNRS, Nantes, France
1989-1991: Post-doctoral fellow at INRA, Nantes.
1988: Post-doctoral fellow at University of Toronto
1988: PhD these Université Grenoble
1984-1988: Junior Research Scientist, CNRS Grenoble.
1984: These 3ieme cycle Paris 6 and ENS Paris
1981 : Agregation de sciences naturelles, ENS Fontenay

Scientific summary

My research interests are in the field of structural glycosciences, with main interest on biologically active oligosaccharides and their interaction with lectins and glycosyltransferases. My present work is focused about lectins from pathogenic microorganisms. On one hand, the characterisation of their interaction with human glyococonjugates and the design of competing glycocompounds open the way for anti-adhesive therapeutical strategies. On the other hand, these lectins can be engineered through synthetic glycobiology strategy for creating new tools in biotechnology, diagnostics and therapy.


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